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Miss Marple’s Final Cases

Well Hello, I said normal service would resume and I realise I have fallen very behind with my cosy reviews, which is supposed to be the point of the blog – so I’ll try to catch up. First up is … Continue reading

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Bones Moans

I live in the UK and for some reason the sky telly powers-that-be have decided to take off ‘Bones’ part way through season 6. They did this a few weeks ago and I thought it’d be OK – it’s not … Continue reading

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Deja Dead

Well I’ve finished Deja Dead. It was really good, but not cosy. scary in some places, intelligently written and a good thriller. Reich’s used a few too many similes for my liking, she came across a bit Raymond Chandler sometimes … Continue reading

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Deja Dead

Well hello again and happy June. I can’t believe it’s summer already, mainly because the weather is so widdly. I was at the hospital today and I ventured into the ‘League of Friends’ shop, I rarely dare because they have … Continue reading

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