Mr Peabody’s Magic Coat.


I’m sure the coat pictured above has magic powers. Whenever I put it on Peebers (or Mr Peabody to give him his full title) it never rains. This morning it drizzled for hours and both the boys were desperate to go out so I got my wellies and Peebers coat and of we drove to the park. As soon as we got out of the  car the sun came out. It happens everytime with that coat. Unfortunately, he gets too hot in it when the weather is warm so I ended up carrying it round after 20 minutes. Still the sun continued to shine and 2 very happy boys enjoyed it.


In case you were wondering, Little Bear has a very thick waterproof coat and a complete disdain for dog clothes!
PS I’m very tired of the tablets autofill feature making me look semi-literate. Does anyone know how to turn it off?

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