Milk the Cow!

I just love Evelyn Birkby, I found out about her when I read ‘Welcome to the World Baby Girl’ by Fannie Flagg, as the character ‘Neighbour Dorothy’ is based on her. I have both of Evelyn’s books:

Neighboring on the air

Country Lane Cookbook Now you can see her dog on the cover of the ‘Up a Country Lane cookbook’ so that was me hooked before I even opened it up. Well, I read the book and just loved it, I particulalry like this page that I’m going to share with you now. Please excuse the poor quality of the scan but it’s one of my fave books and I didn’t want to damage the spine. There’s the dog Sparkle watching the cows, now read the recipe for cottage cheese:

Evelyn Birkby RecipeDid you do a double-take? Yep it says ‘Go out and milk the cow’. Now that’s what I call a scratch recipe! It doesn’t get cosier than Evelyn Birkby, I just love her books. I wish there were more.


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