Cinnamon Roll Murder

I have to tell you right now that I just loved this book. Fluke is at her best, unfortunately once again, her editor isn’t. I’m a bit cross about it, I understand that publishers are trying to make money in what they perceive as a shrinking market (are people reading less? I think not.) but to leave basic editing errors in books produced by a New York Times bestselling author is disgraceful and makes Kensington Publishing look amateur. We have really basic issues, for example someone suddenly appears in a room and speaks when they weren’t there before, later the people dining at a restaurant suddenly change. That kind of thing. I’m not going to cite all the examples, but if I knew whom to contact at Kensington I’d give them a piece of my mind. It’s such a shame because the story is wonderful. Our favourite characters are back, the simple story telling and little chats about baking (that Fluke writes so well) are all back, and best of all there is a great plot. There are some nice moments of humour, the romance doesn’t swamp the whodunnit. All in all a very well-balanced book, it’s such a page turner I found it hard to put it down. If you’ve enjoyed any of the Fluke series then you’ll love this and if you haven’t read any of the Hannah Swenson series this one stands alone. highly recommended, I’m excited to see how the next installment turns out.

BTW I’ve just realised that not only had I saved the ‘Die Job’ review as a draft instead of publishing it, but I seem to have forgotten to tell you about ‘Killer Cruise’ and the Agatha Christies. I was so taken up with the vintage thriller covers I lost track. I think I should do an index page of the reviews before I start showing you the vintage romances I found… Ho hum.

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