The April Doggie Page.

So it’s April already? How did that happen – I only blinked. Gosh so little time to blog, here’s the lovely April page for all the doggie lovers who want a recipe for their pals, it’s from this month’s Rachael Ray magazine. It’s a really good issue, plus they’ve made the mag slightly smaller to save trees. An additional bonus is that it now sits on my scanner properly!The April Doggie Page

I’m trying to keep the image size manageable, but I’m not sure that the recipe is viewable. Let me know via a comment if you need a close up of the ingredients and I’ll blog a close up. I will get around to that Lila Dare review honest! I’ve lost my flipping notebook/can’t remember which one it was in, so I don’t have all the details. This is what comes of having a squillion notebooks lying around the house. But really some days are ‘Black and Red’ whilst others are ‘Hello Kitty’ or ‘Beauty and the Beast’ etc etc. What’s a girl to do?

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