Yes I’m still thrilled…

We are getting near the end!

Why do I think she’s posh? Is it just that ‘top drawer’ is in the title? Or is it the prim little clutch bag, large bracelet and perfectly coiffed hair? Whatever it is, today we’re looking at the representation of women. Nowt new there, there’s usually a distressed damsel on the front isn’t there? But take a look at this lady:-

This is one of the CH Richard’s capable covers. Ignore the bosom – look at her stance – arms akimbo, I fancy she’s rolling her eyes at that spy’s total incompetence. Unfortunately, on the next cover Richard’s is nowhere to be found, so we get this:

A dead girl on the floor. Hmmm, well, I’ll be honest it’s much more fun than this:

I think we’ll leave it there!

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