Cover Me Thrilled, Part 1

Doesn’t it take flipping ages to scan things? Here they are at last, the thriller book club covers from the 1960’s. There were more of them than I had realised so I’m going to spread them out over a few posts. First up is James Hadley Chase’s ‘You Have Yourself a Deal’. I love this one, at first glance I thought she was going for a swim with all her clothes on – doh. Then I noticed the subtle little lights in the sea green sky to indicate buildings and realised she’d be chucked off a balcony. See how much I get from a good cover? 🙂

You Have Yourself a Deal

That strapless dress must be superglued on.

We’re staying with James Hadley Chase, this is a copy of ‘Cade’. Not only is it an old school tie but it’s old skool shooting style, down on one knee with one eye closed. Very Starskey and Hutch.  :-

And to finish for today, two books by Sara Waters, clearly either she or the editor has a thing about hands…

Sara Woods

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1 Response to Cover Me Thrilled, Part 1

  1. prttynpnk says:

    Oh, I just love noir- these are great!

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