What Have I got in my Bag..?

Continuing on from my last post, here are a couple of things I was very excited to find in my bag:

Laura Levine BooksMy Mum and Dad bought them for me, I’ve been reading a lot of Berkley releases recently, and whilst it’s a Penguin print I have started to question the quality. Sometimes I feel as though I’m reading the same book over and over again, I guess it’s bound to happen with a dozen new releases every month. Laura Levine, I am glad to say is a stable-mate of Joanne Fluke with Kensington Mystery publications. I have read a couple of the Jaine Austen cosies and I loved them. Levine used to write for ‘The Bob Newhart Show’ (amongst others) and she really has a flair for comedy, I’m looking forward to these. I’m going to start ‘Killer Cruise’ tonight as it’s got a cat on the front 🙂 Also in my bag is this:

My wonderful Husband found it for me. Now, who knew that Joan Blondell wrote fiction? She is actually listed inside as the copyright holder! No mention of a ghost, but the copyright is 1972, maybe back then ghostwriters could be very very ghostly. However, here’s the synopsis on the back:-

“Slip back with Nora Marten into the razzle-dazzle of Vaudeville, its spangles and popcorn and bawdy comedy. Making her debut at the age of five, Nora sets out on her own just eleven years later to become a Hollywood star in the heyday of that golden era. There she specialises in playing sexy, wise-cracking blondes…marries a crooner whose sexual abilities are…’something else’…loses the crooner to a husky-voiced ‘ingenue’…is herself seduced by a demonically dynamic Jewish impressario…Only now can it be told.

Hmmm, maybe not such a stretch!

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