Cover me 60’s.

We’re planning a trip out to the PDSA (one of my favourite causes) shop tomorrow, with lots of bags of things for them. My Mum sent over some books for going and I just had to scan some of the covers to show you, they just don’t make them like they used to.

Some Call it LoveThis is a ‘Romance Book club’ publication and you can see how similar it is to the Mills and Boon covers, but look at how the head of the woman in the background is followed through onto the spine. Novelists are lucky if they get two colours on their books these days. This is a bit risqué as well – she appears to be in bed although they are both fully clothed. Now look at this:

Love Me TomorrowIt looks like one of those old Ladybird book covers that we used to have in school – you know the ones? Like ‘The Magic Porridge Pot’ that had been around for years and had chewed edges? I just love how the shape of their luggage suggests that one of them is a drummer – but what the heck is that guy doing in a nurses outfit? Is he keeping the cerise cape clad stalker at bay?! More to follow…

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