It Chooses You.

CoverI’ve just finished reading ‘It Chooses You’ by Miranda July and I really enjoyed. I found the cover a little disconcerting as the big blurb on the front said “weird doesn’t begin to cover it, but wonderful does.” Elle. The thing about this book isn’t so much that it’s weird it’s more that Miranda July can find the odd in anybody or anything.  Anyone familiar with her other works such as ‘No One Belongs Here More Than You’ will know that her sense of humour is offbeat and the pacing of her work is slow. I found the book a delight to read – I didn’t know that it contributed to a film that was released in 2011 called “The Future.” After I read the book visited July’s website and found some video material relating to the research for the book and I found that interesting, it makes me suspect that if you have seen the film there is probably a whole new layer of meaning in the book wasn’t there for me. Despite my ignorance of the scope of the project I enjoyed the book anyway, it certainly stands alone. I enjoyed meeting the cast of characters, although I find it hard to believe that from randomly pick classified ads July only found eccentrics. July is mostly respectful of her interviewees, the last entries about Joe are particularly touching. Sometimes the humour in the text comes at the expense of other subjects in a way that isn’t particularly kind but mostly it’s good-natured and affectionate. I would’ve liked a few more photographs particularly of the outside of the houses and the areas in which the people lived. July tries to describe the journeys and neighbourhoods in the prose and I think the book would have benefited from more exterior shots. Other than that I can’t really quibble about any of it I think it’s a lovely original idea and that’s what I like most about Miranda July is that she is so original – I hope she decides to write more.  You can read the beginning of the book at the book bench at the  New Yorker.

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