Delightfully Doggie Doris

Today’s star pet lover is perhaps one of the most famous dog lovers in the world – Doris Day. This picture is taken from the 1977 edition of ‘Her Own Story’, Doris lives in Carmel now and still has lots of dogs. A rumour went around the internet that her ‘pet hotel’ had closed. Well I checked and I’m relieved to see that it is still going strong. You can visit it by clicking this link.  Doris’s pet foundation is also still going. Here she is with her pal in 1977:

Doggie Doris - one of my favourite people.



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2 Responses to Delightfully Doggie Doris

  1. w9 form says:

    Another solitary day of retirement home alone. Re-reading Joanne Fluke’s “Strawberry Shortcake Murder”.

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