Agatha, Agatha, Agatha

Agatha Christie Book CollectionI know it was supposed to be the new releases today, but yesterday I bought the first instalment of the new Agatha Christie magazine and I’m really pleased with it. The first issue was £1.99 so I thought I’d take a look before subscribing. The first book is ‘The Murder of Roger Ackroyd’ the format is lovely, it’s a replica of the original hardback (as will be all the books), it’s a nice size and the cover is more exciting than the insipid paperbacks we now find on Waterstone’s shelves. The magazine is split into sections, the first looks at Agatha’s life, so with this being issue one we’re in childhood. It’s all stuff I’ve read before but I did enjoy the pics (there are plenty). I also like the next section which looks at the things going on in Agatha’s life which may have influenced the book. Then there’s a cheesy moment that I just love: there’s a little section with an artist’s sketch of the main characters and pointers to help the reader work out whodunnit.

The suspectsMarvelous. I’m going to subscribe to get the next few editions on offer, personally I can’t wait for ‘Dumb Witness’ there is a very handsome dog on the cover who is reminiscent of Agatha’s dog Peter.

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