New Release from Lila Dare

The new release mail has arrived in my inbox and I’m pleased to see that we already have a new instalment from Lila Dare. What a treat:

Die Job

I loved the first book in the series, ‘Tressed to Kill‘ and ‘Polished Off‘ was a fun read. Hopefully the new book will be as good as the first. I might just treat myself to a new copy as the only other cosy author I follow properly is Fluke. The synopsis provided by Penguin is as follows:

After an attempted murder at a supposedly haunted plantation, the ladies of Violetta’s beauty salon unravel secrets that link a high school student, a centuries-old crime, and the roots to a very dark mystery.

Sounds fun. If you want to know more about the author Lila has a site and she also has a dog, so she’s alright with me :-). I do wish Penguin would send me free books to review, I’d be able to tell you about them much sooner. Well, I’m off to Amazon to check the price. Time allowing I’ll post the other January releases tomorrow.

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