And Coming Soon…

Well I hope you all had a very Happy Christmas! Father Christmas was incredibly generous again this year, I’ve got lots to tell you about. I want to get some photos of the doggie things first, particularly the doggie tug-o-war toy that only lasted 10 minutes. My Mum and Dad gave me the latest Candy Holliday mystery ‘Town in a Lobster Stew’ which, despite being vegetarian, (lol) I’m looking forward to reading.

I shall blog a review as soon as I’ve read it. I received lots of other cosies but I shall tell you about them on another post.  My son gave me a book full of recipes for dogs! It’s called ‘Cooking for Your Dog’ and was a super nice idea, I was very pleased, it even has a section with recipes that are for when your dog is poorly.

Isn’t that a cute dog? On very special party type occasions Little Bear has been allowed to sit to the table (he is very good and knows to sit back on his chair),

Little Bear sits to the table

Look How Good I Am...

then he’s rewarded with a little plastic bowl all of his own at the end.

Little Bear sits to the table

Yum Yum!

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