August Obsidian and Murder in Suburbia.

Well it’s a day late but never mind! First up ‘Murder in Suburbia’. It’s currently showing on TV over here, I discovered it a couple of weeks ago and was absolutely thrilled. It’s an excellent murder mystery show and nice and cosy. The two female detectives Ash (Caroline Katz) and Scribbs (Lisa Faulkner) are excellent. Wonderfully written and acted they are really likable.

Murder in Suburbia

Ash and Scribbs

The whodunnit elements are nicely done, a closed circle of suspects and some nice cluing lets the viewer play along. The dialogue is very witty and there are some very funny moments, all in all a really great show. I can’t understand is why only 2 seasons were made! and if that wasn’t bad enough there were only 6 episodes in each season. Compare this to the 14 (so far) seasons of ‘Midsomer Murders’ – it’s nuts. ‘Suburbia’ first aired in 2004 and I’ve only just found out about it so the only thing I can think of is that there was a general lack of publicity so they didn’t get the ratings they deserved. If you can watch it I really recommend it.

Now onto Obsidian. There are 13 new releases for August but 2 of them don’t look too cosy. I don’t know about you but I have to confess to a slight bias with my cosies, I much prefer them when they have a female author. The few I’ve read where a man has been writing under a pseudonym have been easy to spot. Anyway, I digress, here are the ‘cosy enough for me’ August releases from the newsletter:

Murder by Mocha     A Killer Column     Roast Mortem     Die Buying

A Sheetcake Named Desire     Tempest in the Tealeaves     Bitter Harvest     Harrowing Hats

Pleating for Mercy     Till Death do us Bark

I’m so shallow, I really like the look of ‘Bitter Harvest’ because of the animals on the cover. The more animals the better I say. Mind you I’ll be giving Judi McCoy’s latest a miss as I can’t cope with the vulgar tone of the dogs. I like the look of ‘A Killer Column’ as anything with a writer as protagonist interests me and I’d have a crack at a ‘Sheetcake Named Desire’ as a good pun in the title is always encouraging and it is the first of a new series. I do wish we could get them in the library over here.

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