Body of Proof

Body of Proof has just arrived in the UK and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed the first episode. Dana Delany was wonderful, her performance really lifted the writing. The whodunnit element of the pilot was a little lacking, but that’s always the way with a new show as the writers have to establish the characters. I am a little disappointed with her sidekick though, he’s not great looking and I found the way he spoke to her a little odd, almost as though he were her boss. Talking of bosses I just love Windell Middlebrooks as her superior, he’s really funny and it was great to see Jeri Ryan back in a series. Roll on episode 2!

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4 Responses to Body of Proof

  1. Traci says:

    That is one of my favorite shows! I really like Jeri Ryan’s character. I haven’t seen her do anything since Star Trek!

  2. Traci says:

    Hi there. It is a great show! We are going to be starting season 2 in September. Pretty excited.

    • cosybookworm says:

      Ohh we’re quite a bit behind, I just watched epsiode 3 and 4 will air on Thursday. The good thing is we might go quickly to season 2 without having to wait, that’s what Alibi did with ‘Castle’.

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