Is you Is or Is you ain’t a Cosy?

These last few weeks I’ve been very much enjoying a programme called ‘Midsomer Murders’. The original series starred an actor called John Nettles and he was in it for 14 years playing DCI Tom Barnaby. I believe he’s just been replaced by someone new a chap called Neil Dudgeon I hope the show survives, he’s written in as a cousin of Tom Barnaby’s and is also called Barnaby. It seems a bit of a stretch because he’s never been mentioned before.. but I haven’t seen the new policeman, because I am watching the afternoon re-runs,  I’ve found with other shows that afternoon or early evening re-runs are far more cosy than the originals. No decomposing goop in ‘Bones’, no scenes of murder in ‘cold case’, no shots of bodies in Midsomer Murders. So the thing is – if it’s been edited so that the worst I see is a blood spatter, is it a genuine cosy? Pre-watershed Midsomer Murders is only just cosy, post watershed I couldn’t watch it, even from behind my fingers. Still it’s a good show, nicely paced and full of British humour and eccentrics. I recommend it, I just won’t be buying the unedited DVDs!


Can there really be another Barnaby?

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1 Response to Is you Is or Is you ain’t a Cosy?

  1. Traci says:

    They are doing that alot these days changing a person for characters. It’s hard to imagine a different person playing a character that has been around for years

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