Pondering Peculiar Postcards

Well I like old postcards. Preferably ones that have been written on. I guess because I’m nosey, the good thing is they are cheaper than the ‘mint’ condition ones. Every now and then I buy a job lot on E-bay and peculiar things pop up. First of all I’d like to show this. If you look down the street on the right you’ll see a Walgreens! The frank date on the card is September 4th 1967, so I guess Walgreen’s have been round a long time.

PostcardAs well as city scapes the oddest pictures turn up on job lots of postcards – who on Earth would decide to mass produce a postcard of moonshine?


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2 Responses to Pondering Peculiar Postcards

  1. Traci says:

    I never knew that Walgreens was around a long time. I thought that they were just recently built.

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