Virus Woes

Well I went and picked up a virus didn’t I? It was that awful windows security one so everything had to be wiped from my hard drive and reloaded. All my scans and the suchlike are gone. Now that in itself is bad enough, but when I got the laptop back I realised that I had stored all of my passwords and not written a single one down! Ho Hum. What a palaver just to get to log in and tell you why I haven’t blogged for a week! Well we can’t be all gloomy, this is a cosy place after all. So here is a picture that I’ve shown you before and thus is stored in my wordpress gallery.

cute cat

A cute cat - now don't we feel better? 🙂

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2 Responses to Virus Woes

  1. Traci says:

    I completely understand how viruses can be. We are still dealing with our computer. That is a very cute cat picture!

    • cosybookworm says:

      I know he’s gorgeous. I’m still trying to scan all my stuff and recover all my passwords after the virus. It’s weird not being able to log in to anything!

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