The Monthly Doggie Page.

Well Hello! This would have been with you yesterday but the scanner needed re-installing. I have no idea why, it was weird. Technology eh? So here is the doggie page. A WORD OF WARNING: Beans aren’t good for dogs and I’m surprised to see them included, they are on the list of ten potentially dangerous foods for dogs. Now if your dog has them and is OK I would still ask you to keep in mind that the amount in the recipe is rather a lot. If you have a great dane maybe that recipe is OK, but it’s only a little dog in the pic,, there’s no way a dog that size should have that many beans. So please be careful. Tomorrow, I’ll post the cat recipe.


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2 Responses to The Monthly Doggie Page.

  1. Traci says:

    Awww such a cute dog. I never knew that dogs were not allowed to eat beans. I knew that they cannot eat chocolate. We do not feed Jada beans anyway.

    • cosybookworm says:

      He’s lovely isn’t he? Such a little fella as well, he’d never manage 3/4 cup of beans. I occasionally let Bluey have a bean and he’d be OK with it, but Little Bear (who is much smaller) can’t have them at all. I think it’s best not to give them to a dog at all unless you know that they are OK with them.

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