Gluten Free Santa Monica 2

OK so where are we? Whilst in Santa Monica we lunched in an Asian restaurant called P.F. Chang‘s.  I was very impressed with the selection of teas:

Tea at PF Chang's

Tea at PF Chang's

and in addition it had a comprehensive dedicated Gluten Free menu. I had the GF Moo Goo Gai Pan lunch bowl. It came with egg drop soup as a starter which was nice, and then the Moo Goo came. As it was brought out it smelt lovely, really garlicky. Unfortunately the smell didn’t translate to taste and everything was very greasy. But I have to be honest here, I find most Chinese food too greasy and it is not my favourite cuisine. It is my husband’s favourite and he thoroughly enjoyed his meal. So if you are a fan of Asian cuisine this is definitely one to try, and whilst I may have been a little disappointed with the main course, the GF chocolate dome was heaven on a plate! You must try it. Tomorrow I’ll start with the West Hollywood restaurants. Oh but I must give a shout out to the rooftop bar at the hotel Shangri-La, they served a great cocktail called ‘Berry Apropos’ which bubbled and smoked whilst we watched the sunset. It was great fun:


Berry Apropos

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1 Response to Gluten Free Santa Monica 2

  1. Traci says:

    I really love egg drop soup. That is so delicious

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