Gluten Free Santa Monica

The Cafe
Picture of Cafe Crepe in Santa Monica

As we were staying at the Hotel Shangri La we breakfasted both mornings at Cafe Crepe. It’s a short walk away and whilst it would seem like an odd choice for someone who is GF I really enjoyed it. Usually I avoid any establishment that has a wheat based menu, and Cafe Crepes serves all day breakfasts, baguettes and crepes. But the chef is excellent, if I eat any wheat from cross contamination my lips swell and I had no problems here at all. I ate the huevros rancheros – something I had never had before and they were absolutely wonderful. The side of guacamole was the best I ever tasted. If being in a wheaty environment bothers you, you might want to give this a miss and I should point out that the cafe was very quiet when we ate there. Only a few other customers, I’m not sure I’d go in if I thought the chef had too much on his plate. But for a quiet GF breakfast, their chef certainly knew what he was doing -plus the chai latte was a treat.

We were lucky enough to be there the morning of the farmers market so I hit the fruit and nut stalls for snacks over the next couple of days as well. Nice and cheap, straight from the farms, no gluten in sight. Wonderful.

Santa Monica Farmer's Market

Santa Monica Farmer's Market

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1 Response to Gluten Free Santa Monica

  1. Traci says:

    That cafe looks nice and cozy. We have never been there

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