Gluten Free Travel and Santa Monica

You know how it is, you’re gluten-free and you’re going on hols, the first night you are always so hungry but you haven’t had time to find somewhere that meet your dietary requirements and you end up eating the pack of crushed GF digestives you keep in your handbag for emergencies. Well Darling Husband had an excellent idea before we left on holiday. He did a lot of research, and knowing we’d be arriving late in the evening (which was early morning UK time) and starving he found a pizza place called Pizza Fusion that not only did gluten-free food but would deliver to our hotel. If you take a look at their menu you can see not only can you have a GF version of anything but you can also have milk/dairy free as well. Superb! The first night I had a garlic mushroom and roasted garlic and tricolour peppers and it was completely yum. I’ve never had a GF pizza delivered before (it doesn’t happen in the UK) and it was such a treat that we had it the second night as well. The second night I had the GF Big Kahuna with mushrooms instead of bacon and it was fabulous. I really recommend it, the bases are great, freshly made they aren’t heavy at all. Wonderful. An absolute God send for those of us with special diets.

Visit the pizza fusion blog!

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