Facing up to Things.

I have avoided blogging because I didn’t want to remember losing my dog, it didn’t happen the first day of the holiday and I’ve been pushing to the back of my mind the idea that I have to write the first few (happy holiday) days knowing that the horrid one was to come. I have decided to get on with things and I hope you will forgive me for starting with the horrible day. I don’t want to try and write two cheery blogs knowing what’s coming, I’m sure you understand and thank you for your patience. Here we go.

We went to Hollywood/Highland Mall knowing there was a reasonably sized food court. After enquiring at every place we found that not a single one provided gluten free food. Disappointed we went upstairs where there was a nice little restaurant called ‘The Grill’, where we were told that GF was ‘available on request’. They totally undersold themselves, they had a whole gluten free menu with plenty on it. I was so impressed I took a pic for you:


Lunch Menu

At this point everything was fine, I cheerily ordered a small bowl of Manhattan Clam Chowder, to be followed by blackened tilapia with mashed potatoes and creamed spinach on the side (I didn’t want the spinach in the potatoes and that wasn’t a problem). My holiday treat cocktail arrived (ordered from the extensive drinks menu) and was lovely, then the clam chowder came, it was a generous portion, tomato based and delicious.

This is where my notes stop, because in between courses we received a text (text!) to say our lovely pal Bluey had been put down.



One of the Last pics taken of Bluey

I’ve had him since he was 10 weeks old and he was 14 1/2 which is incredibly old for a cocker spaniel but I was absolutely heartbroken and sobbed my guts out in the middle of the restaurant. The staff were super. Our waitress was incredibly kind and despite not knowing the reason for my distress treated me with courtesy and sympathy. I was in such a state and having changed so rapidly from a happy mood that I’m surprised I didn’t scare them all. And you know what? I still ate my dinner (lunch). There is something so comforting in mash potatoes and I have to say it is a credit to their chef that under those circumstances I can still remember the food. It was delicious and comforting and helped me feel better.

Whilst it isn’t a cheap fastfood option like the other eateries in the mall, it is superb. I recommend it to anyone, and if anyone out there is having a bad day, go and order yourself double mash and I sincerely hope you feel better soon.

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2 Responses to Facing up to Things.

  1. Traci says:

    a very cute picture of Bluey! that is so great that the waitress took care of you at the restaurant.

  2. Car Hire says:

    Appreaciate for the work you have put into the article, this helps clear away a few questions I had.

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