Mrs McGinty and Hercule Poirot!

As you know I’m very fond of Margaret Rutherford’s interpretation of Miss Marple, I knew Christie wasn’t so keen but I didn’t realise just how far away from the books the films are. Last night I started to read ‘Mrs McGinty is Dead’ this is the book that forms the basis of the picture ‘Murder Most Foul’. Now I know that it was a case for Poirot but I had no idea that the picture deviated so far from the story. Essentially, thus far, some of the names are the same! Poirot is not staying with an acting company but is visiting Mrs McGinty’s village to do his sleuthing and there’s a number of characters that don’t appear in the film. It’s great fun, Agatha Christie has quite a sense of humour and I suppose the upside is that I can’t be sure who did it! Now I will fill you in as soon as I’ve finished the book. Remind me – did I already blog about ‘Come Tell me how You Live’? I just loved that one.

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  1. Traci says:

    I have noticed that in some of the movie based books I read and I tend to find myself asking did that part happen in the book? Sometime in the movies they have to cut down parts to make it shorter(movie length)

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