Paige Turner Nuked the Fridge!


Well I just love Paige Turner, the first installment was just fabulous but with ‘Dial Me for Murder’ she totally nuked the fridge. I got the impression whilst reading that Matetsky had lost interest in her heroine and consequently not only did the character behave very oddly but there was a distinct lack of story telling. There was much referring to ‘jangled nerves’ and lack of sleep but as the investigation was concluded in less than a (unfeasible) week it’s hard to understand, Abby made drinks, Paige wore a wig. So what. Matetsky didn’t even bother to hide the nuts and bolts – the book opens with a prologue where we are told the ‘background information’ – a potted bio of each regular character and a recap of past escapades in a really dry way (and she keeps using lots of inappropriate brackets). A couple of times I found myself thinking that Matetsky must have been contracted to write another book when she had nothing left to say. There is no clueing, the denouement err I don’t know how to describe it, erm there sort of isn’t one. Dan (the ubiquitous policeman boyfriend) tells her everything. It is the oddest thing. Oh flip, I just hate being such a negative nelly but it’s a good job it’s the last one in the series. Tomorrow I will tell you about the Fluke/Levine/Meier Christmas cosy and restore happy karma.

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