The Doggie Page

Well my new ‘Every Day with Rachael Ray’ March issue has arrived, so here is the doggie page:

Dog pageI’m a bit cross with Rachael this issue, not because of the dog page which is as good as always, but because of the way she starts her issue. In her opening letter which is entitled ‘Adventure is a state of Mind’ she suggest we “Drive in any direction and see where one tank of gas will get you”. Has the woman never heard of the term ‘carbon footprint’? It’s terrible for the environment to waste petrol like that, plus who can afford to waste 2 tanks of petrol with the cost of oil prices at the moment? This is one very bad suggestion by RR and the mags editor should have picked up on it. Naughty Naughty.


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One Response to The Doggie Page

  1. Traci says:

    The doggie picture is cute! I agree with you that is a bad suggestion on her part. gas prices are getting to be outrageous here. she apparently doesn’t have to worry about the cost of gas so she probably doesn’t see it our way.

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