Miss Marple’s Final Cases

Well Hello, I said normal service would resume and I realise I have fallen very behind with my cosy reviews, which is supposed to be the point of the blog – so I’ll try to catch up. First up is ‘Miss Marple’s Final Cases’ by Agatha Christie.

Book Cover

Agatha Christie held back this book from publication and her intention was to publish posthumously, but as she was ‘running out of steam’ this collection was actually published before she died.  There are 9 stories in total and what is strange is that Miss Marple doesn’t actually appear in two of them – I was a little disappointed by that. In addition, the stories without our intrepid sleuth are not mysteries at all but rather supernatural tales, one being about an odd doll that weirded people out and to be honest by the end of that one I wondered what point Christie was trying to make. They don’t fit with the other stories and I would have preferred they had been included in a different collection, if published at all. That said, I did rather enjoy the Miss Marple stories, the pacing was good with classic simple Christie structure so they are quick, nice reads and they were solid mysteries with some nice clueing. A good purchase for Christie/Marple fans, maybe not a good idea for the more general cosy fan.

A quick aside… After my big Bones Moans post I am pleased to report that Bones has returned to Sky Living. Last week was the delightful episode where a decomposing body was found in the world’s largest block of chocolate. It should have put me off choc but of course it didn’t, it just made me want some, how sad is that? Speaking of chocolate I am thinking of asking Cadbury to make a gluten-free ‘double decker’, I miss them. Thank you youtube for the ad!

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3 Responses to Miss Marple’s Final Cases

  1. Traci says:

    I will definitely have to start reading agatha christie books!
    I am so happy that you’re able to watch Bones again. hopefully it will stay put now.

  2. Melanie says:

    I really love all of the stories actually! Though I do agree , it’s a shame that miss marple doesn’t appear in two of the stories and the fact that they mention that it’s her final cases is rather misleading considering the fact that the stories take place in the middle of marple’s detective career. Oh bones is just awesome and I love Castle!

    • cosybookworm says:

      I love just about everything Agatha Christie has written, I just feel that this book was slightly mis-sold. I was genuinely surprised when Miss Marple didn’t appear 🙂 Have you read ‘Come Tell me How You Live’. That’s a really good book by Agatha, one of my favourites and it’s not a mystery at all.
      I’m just reading the second Castle book now, the TV show is on hiatus so I need to get a fix!

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