One West Wobbles Vs King’s Clarity

Well, I can’t quite believe I’m writing this but there’s something to be said for old VHS tapes. Last night I was watching one of my favourite eps of Scarecrow and Mrs King (‘Fearless Dotty’) on my Season 1 boxset, it’s an ep I’ve watched many times before, and in all that time with my rickety VHS I’ve been blissfully ignorant of the not-at-all-Bruce-like stuntman:


Not Bruce!
Not Bruce!


I wish I could include a little bit of video for you but alas, I know not how. It’s not as clear from a still but this chap looks very little like Lee Stetson and there’s a whole fight sequence with him trying to keep his back to the camera. With the new remastered versions of DVDs it sure did burst my bubble. As a result of this I’m no longer feeling quite so cross about the terrible quality of One West Waikiki. The poor quality drives me nuts and when I say poor, I really do mean poor. Here’s a still from my vid and this is as good as it gets (didn’t see the point of showing you blue screen):


VHS Tape Quality


I haven’t compressed the image, so you can see how bad it is, I think one of the things that frustrates me is that when I was little I loved watching it because Waikiki was almost a regular character each week. It looked so different to the North of England (it wasn’t raining for a start) I just loved seeing the sunshine. Now the VHS is in such poor shape that it’s hard to tell that it’s sunny, and the omnipresent Waikiki is a blurry background. It’s such a shame because the director really made sure that the landscape filled the screen:


One West Waikiki

Ariel View

Beach Scene

A Beach Scene

Maybe it wouldn’t seem so old if it wasn’t so blurry and I’d love to see Waikiki clearly. Here’s hoping the production company finally bring out a DVD.



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1 Response to One West Wobbles Vs King’s Clarity

  1. Traci says:

    Wow yeah it sure is blurry! Maybe they will come out on dvd.

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