The Cat, The Fag and the Handbag.

I’m still wittering about my vintage mags, I’ll stop soon I promise, after all I want to tell you about ‘Miss Marple’s Last Cases’ which I recently finished. In the meantime I just had to share this ad. I absolutely love that cat and you don’t get ads like this anymore. Why on earth is this poor actress (I confess I know nothing of Jan Sterling) holding a cat and a handbag whilst smoking? Who would? Anything with animals on always catches my eye and the cat is such a handsome fellow, I hope he didn’t get burned. Also I don’t think they’d get away with the ‘ABC’ angle these days seeing how it might appeal to children and all. 1951, what a year that must have been.

Cigarette ad

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One Response to The Cat, The Fag and the Handbag.

  1. Traci says:

    I like seeing vintage ads! She definately shouldnt have been holding the cat while smoking

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