From the Cosy to the Ridiculous…

After yesterday’s wonderful bacon custard I decided to share a couple of other ads I found in my magazines. I like to ease into things gently, so as my blog is dedicated to all things cosy, lets reassure ourselves with an old favourite:

Vintage Ad for Shredded WheatI love how the slogan is ‘Britons Make It, It Makes Britons’. I don’t think we make much of anything here in Britain anymore, thanks to the EEC everything is made in places like the czech republic where the minimum wage is very minimum. I can’t even eat shredded wheat, I must have a gluten-free diet but I was still very pleased to see them in the ‘Picturegoer’ magazine. It actually dates from 3rd September 1938, that’s how long shredded wheat has been around.

Well we’ve done the cosy, now for the ridiculous, I saw this iddy biddy ad in the back of the same issue of ‘Picturegoer’ – I wonder if M Trilety (who appears to be 254 years old) still makes them?


The Nose Corrector

Correct Your Wayward Nose!





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3 Responses to From the Cosy to the Ridiculous…

  1. Traci says:

    Very cool! I love Shredded Wheat cereal! That is also cool about Shaping noses!

  2. katie says:

    sign me up

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