How Still We See Thee Lie

book coverFather Christmas also brought me a second-hand copy of ‘How Still We See Thee Lie’. It’s an anthology type book, 4 mystery writers have all contributed a novella (around a hundred pages long). I started reading it yesterday, first up was ‘The Christmas Bonus’ by Allana Martin, I really struggled with this, I persevered for a chapter but then gave up, I think the setting was the problem: the mexican border, not a Christmassy environment, in addition the heroine had such a silly name – Texana Jones. Shall I presume she’s Indiana’s cousin? Next up ‘A Merry Little Christmas’ by Tom Mitcheltree, I didn’t last two pages with this one. I confess I prefer my mystery authors and protagonists to be female but the problem with this was the baffling opening. I presume Mitcheltree was trying to get into the head of someone a little unhinged, but it’s not well written. Personally I felt he hadn’t the skill to pull it off, maybe later in the year I’ll go back and give it another go. Next up was ‘Holidays Can be Murder’ written by Connie Shelton, first up was a cookie recipe so I was very pleased indeed. I have to say I enjoyed the story, I liked the protagonist ‘Charlie Parker’ (why do so many have such silly derivative names?) and the other characters, the plot zipped along and the world Shelton created was very believable. My only issue was that Charlie didn’t work it out, the end was a little trite with the murderer saying ‘you got too close’ when in actuality Charlie had no idea who the killer was at all until….. dum dum dum…. trapped alone in a room with the guilty party! Never mind. I’ve done a search on Amazon for Shelton and there’s a fair number of Charlie Parker mysteries, so I might try a full length book, it could be the author just doesn’t like the shorter format. Oh I haven’t started on the last story (‘Too Many Santas’ by Elizabeth Gunn) in the anthology yet. I’ll let you know how it is when I do.

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2 Responses to How Still We See Thee Lie

  1. Traci says:

    Very interesting! Never heard of this book or the authors! Are they pretty famous?

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