The Secret of Chimneys


The Secret of Chimneys

I have just watched another new ‘Marple’ with Julia McKenzie and I must say Julia is turning out to be marvelous, in fact she is fast becoming my fave TV Marple. Avoiding the ‘dotty old lady’ facade, she is very like the quietly intelligent Marple of the books. The sky plussed episode I just watched was ‘The Secret of Chimneys’. My husband spotted a brunette Michelle Collins (nice to see her) but there weren’t as many well-established stars as we expect to see. No matter, McKenzie more than made up for it. I was already a fan of hers as I’d seen her in lots of things including in ‘Fresh Fields’ and I just loved her character in Cranford. In fact here she is with her pet cow, they are just adorable:



That said, when she was first cast, I was worried that she was too young for the part, now I’m glad they picked her as hopefully she’s a couple of decades off retiring so we can have a lot more episodes! If you haven’t watched Cranford you should, it’s a wonderful show, I’m hoping they make more episodes, although the ‘new writes’ weren’t as good as Elizabeth Gaskill’s stories, the Christmas special was super and I miss the girls. Anyway I shan’t go on about Cranford any more, I shall just look forward to my other sky plussed episode of Marple that’s waiting for me.

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1 Response to The Secret of Chimneys

  1. Traci says:

    Awwww that is a cute pic with the cow!

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