Good Old Father Christmas!

Well Father Christmas has been super generous this year. I got the new Joanne Fluke that I’ve been desperate for, the new Fannie Flagg book – that I was even more desperate for and (drum roll please…) the Scarecrow and Mrs King DVD! Yay! I got lots of other things as well but I’m thinking you’re not so interested in my ‘root boost’ hair styling tool. Although I will probably be telling you all about the copious amounts of chocolate I received. Well, back on a cosy topic, I’m super excited about my Scarecrow and Mrs King DVD. It will be nice watching it with great picture quality, I still don’t have any news about the planned release of season 2.  Just in case you are wondering why having a better quality version of the show is so important to me – here’s a scene from my old copy:


Scarecrow and Mrs King

The Moment it all Began...


Enough said really!

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3 Responses to Good Old Father Christmas!

  1. Traci says:

    Sounds like u got alot of goodies! Which Joanne Fluke book did u get? That is wonderful u received the Scarecrow and Mrs King. It will definately have better quality.

    • cosybookworm says:

      I got the ‘Gingerbread Cookie Murder’ it’s the one with 3 novellas in it. The other two stories are by Laura Levine who writes the Jaine Austen mysteries and Leslie Meier who writes the Lucy Stone mysteries.

  2. Traci says:

    Very cool! I’ll have to get it.

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