You can lead a horse to water…


Margaret Rutherford and A Horse
Margaret Rutherford leads the proverbial…

Well hopefully the above pic should have appeared in a flash, as I have finally remembered how to resize images! Yay. Having had a PC for years I should have been doing this from the start of the blog, it’s strange how we forget things that used to be second nature. Well from now on I can include more scans and screen captures as they won’t take up so much bandwidth. Tomorrow I’ll share the doggie page from the Christmas edition of Everyday with Rachel Ray. And then I’ll be catching up with my book ‘reviews’. I’m still very behind. It’s strange, I was ill for 3 weeks so I should only be 3 weeks behind with all my stuff but it doesn’t quite work out like that does it? Hey ho.




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One Response to You can lead a horse to water…

  1. Traci says:

    It is a great, crystal-clear pic!

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