Football First.

Today I should be telling you all about ‘A Lie for a Lie’ which I finished yesterday. Today, however, is American football day and english telly is showing Kansas City vs Indianapolis, rather than the Greenbay Packers (my husband’s team). Now what does this have to do with my blogging you ask. Well The Hubster has to ‘watch’ his game on the laptop at They have a thing that shows every play. I know this because as he reads them my husband shouts them out to me. He runs the whole gamut of emotions during a game: elation, frustration, disbelief, denial, outrage, pride and a whole host of others. Last week he was grumpy because, apparently, Greenbay ‘should have won by more’. Well we only have one laptop so I’ve got it for the 12 minutes that are half-time. I guess it serves me right for not getting the blog done earlier!

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