Crazy Like a Cosy Addict

Well as I had a big old moan yesterday today I thought I’d focus on something I really used to enjoy. Does anyone out there remember ‘Crazy Like a Fox’?


Crazy Like A Fox
Crazy Like A Fox


I just loved that show when I was little, I can’t understand why it only ran for 2 seasons. I wish it was available on DVD. It starred Jack Warner and John Rubinstein and first aired in 1984, I remember it as being on in the daytime over here though, we have a history of ‘comedy crime’ type shows on weekday afternoons. At the moment the BBC are still running endless repeats of ‘Murder She Wrote’ (which I love) and ‘Diagnosis Murder’. That’s all well and good but instead of just alternating the two I do wish they’d show ‘Crazy Like A Fox’ or yes you guessed it ‘Scarecrow and Mrs King’ (I just had to get in a mention!). It drives me crazy, there are sooooo many excellent cosy detective series, there should be more of them on the telly, and check out the totally excellent theme tune for ‘Crazy Like a Fox’. Excellent. Thank you youtube.

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