Margaret, Murder and Marple

Margaret and Stringer

Margaret and Stringer

I’ve just finished reading Andy Merrimen’s biography of Margaret Rutherford, I really enjoyed it. I felt bad for Stringer Davis though, taking care of Margaret was a full-time job and he didn’t really cope after she passed away. It’s a shame. the book is fascinating to read, her life was really interesting and the author is clearly fond of her. I like most of what Rutherford has done (including the VIPs) but my absolute favourite is of course, her turn as Miss Marple. Rutherford doesn’t play her like the Marple of the books. Agatha Christie’s favourite (and perhaps the definitive) Marple was Joan Hicks, and she turns up in a supporting role in ‘Murder She Said’.  There’s a famous pic of Margaret sitting next to a clearly disgruntled Agatha Christie. Christie liked Margaret well enough but always felt that she was wrong for Miss Marple, in addition for Rutherford’s 4th outing ‘Murder Ahoy’ MGM didn’t even bother using a Christie plot, the final straw however, came when Tony Randell had a go at playing Poirot. It was so bad (and I’ve seen it, it is very bad) MGM was no longer allowed to use any of Christie’s creations.

Well even if she isn’t the book’s Miss Marple, I just love Margaret Rutherford, her expressions are priceless and there’s something so very endearing about her. I also love the theme tune to the films.

Miss Marple feels she has made her point.

Miss Marple feels she has made her point.

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