A Blogger’s Life is Such a Happy One (haaaapy onnnnnne)

Well I’ve got a nasty cold and that thing called life has got in the way of my blogging. Funny when I have lots of time to blog I don’t have much interesting going on, when I have lots of interesting things going on I have no time to blog. That’s why us bloggers look a bit sad, but we do actually have lives. Personally my life is quite nice really (God willing it stays that way). I haven’t been sleeping too well either, not just because of the cold but it’s also because of ’24’. I had read a lot about it and right from the beginning everyone said that it’s important to watch it from the beginning. Last week I spotted a VHS boxset of the first season in the new charity shop in our village. I paid the princely sum of £1 for it. I’m onto the last tape already. It’s very exciting, but my goodness me what a body count! and how many times in one day can one girl get kidnapped?? I suspect all the writers are male. Wife’s, daughters, mistresses and bitches. All squabbling with each other. Shame. It’s the only thing that burst a very exciting bubble. That and Dennis Hopper! What a surprise when he popped up. Oh and Kudos to Richard Burgi for a super performance, it was nice to see him playing against type. 



 Well I have to catch up with my blogging, for the first time I have lots of books I’ve just read and haven’t told you about. That’s the thing with a cold, after the initial sleep-all-day phase there is the boring everything-hurts-but-my brain-works stage. A good time to read.

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One Response to A Blogger’s Life is Such a Happy One (haaaapy onnnnnne)

  1. moviemad says:

    Awesome blog, I had not noticed cosybookworm.wordpress.com earlier in my searches!
    Keep up the excellent work!

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