Tucker’s Witch

Tucker's Witch

Tucker's Witch

Well I’m motoring through Hot Six and it’s good fun. In the meantime I thought I’d write a bit about forgotten cosy TV shows. When I was young I loved detective shows but nobody seems to remember a couple of my favourites and they aren’t available on DVD. One series I really enjoyed was called Tucker’s Witch. Rick Tucker and his wife run a detective agency and she is also a witch, although she has yet to harness her powers. It starred Catherine Hicks as Amanda Tucker with Tim Matheson Rick and Barbara Barrie offered support as Amanda’s Mother. Other regulars were Bill Morey (the police chief) and Alfre Woodard, probably best know as Betty Applewhite in ‘Desperate Housewives’, as their secretary.

For some reason only 12 shows were made. I’m not sure why. Maybe the whole witch thing wasn’t very fashionable in the late 80s, Catherine Hicks did have an odd way of utilising her powers;


Hick's Hard Stare!

to use her telekinesis she has an odd looking hard stare. In addition her cat, called Dickens gives her messages. I just love the cat, it’s super cute.

Dickens the cat

Dickens the Cat

A young Ted Danson turns up in the pilot, which is fun, the plots are OK they would have been better if the viewer had been allowed to work out ‘whodunnit’. In addition the stunt double for Catherine Hicks isn’t very ladylike cavorting around in his blonde wig, but other than that it’s a really good romp. I still can’t get over the fact that only 12 were made, I guess the studio heads didn’t like it, it hasn’t been repeated over here either. Hopefully one day it will turn up on DVD. Maybe a studio will do a boxset of short-lived TV shows.

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1 Response to Tucker’s Witch

  1. Traci says:

    Cute cat! I really like Catherine Hicks. I liked her in the tv show 7th Heaven.

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