Doggie Tales

book coverWell I have made a good start on Death in Show (Dog Walker Mystery) but I’m struggling a little bit. Maybe this is one of those series where you do need to have started at book number one. I’m a little muddled over who is who and the author is referring frequently to previous books.  Maybe it will pick up, I’m only up to Chapter 5 and the murder mystery hasn’t really taken off yet. I tell you though it would have been helpful if on the book jacket the publisher had let me know that the main character is a Dr Dolittle type. I mean I’m finding it hard to take seriously, also the language is a little unsavoury. Maybe just not my cup of tea. I will  persevere.

Hope everyone out there and their dog is having a good weekend.

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1 Response to Doggie Tales

  1. Traci says:

    Cute cover! I have read books like that and I end up not finishing it because I just cant get into the book.

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