Scarecrow and Mrs King’s Hair

As I have already confessed to being incredibly superficial I have no problem dedicating a post to Amanda King’s hair. I think there’s a lesson here…

Season 1: Amanda is usually wearing an up do but her hair is considerably lighter than that of the Sabrina Duncan of Kate’s Charlie’s Angels days.

season 1 hair

Hair do for Season 1

Sabrina's Hair

Sabrina Duncan's Do

Born in 1948 she was 31 in 1979 when she did her final season in Charlie’s Angels and she still looked in her 20s. Only 4 years later she was sporting that light coloured up do for Scarecrow and Mrs King, and she looked 10 years older, I accept that some of it is the costumes she wore – is there an episode where she isn’t wearing knitted waistcoat? But then came the cropped perm, mercifully brief (I think it appears in 4 eps) Kate Jackson must have seen it realised that despite the fact she was only 39 she looked 48 and sorted it out. By the final season she had longer darker hair and was back to looking 30.

SMK Screenshot 1

Season 4 Screenshot

I guess I should try to find the tape of the bad hair do, maybe one day if I have absolutely nothing else to do…

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3 Responses to Scarecrow and Mrs King’s Hair

  1. Traci says:

    She definately looked better with the long, dark hair. Hairstyles really do make the difference

  2. iwsod says:

    Hello Cosybookworm! I am very excited to see you posting about Scarecrow and Mrs King!!! I love that you dedicated a post to Amanda’s hair 🙂

    If you are interested in reading recaps of scarecrow and mrs king episodes, and chatting with other scarecrow and mrs king fans come over to my blog and say hi sometime 🙂 It’s called ‘ just walk with me’ with wordpress.. should I give you a link? I don’t know.. this whole blogging thing is new to me.. I’m currently working my way through season 1 🙂 yes.. with the knitted big cardigan vests they made Amanda wear – not to mention the headbands!! Ohhhh the headbands!!!!

    Well, I was really excited to see you discussing the release of season 3 so thought I would say hi- spread the word! whooo hooo!!!
    Thanks Cosybookworm,


    • cosybookworm says:

      Hi iwsod,
      Thanks for stopping by, do come by again, there surely will be more SMK posts. I love SMK, it’s one of my all time fave shows. I think Lee and Amanda are the blueprint for Booth and Brennan in Bones (another show I love). I’m now following your blog, although hopefully I’ll be watching season 3 before you blog it – I don’t want any plot spoilers :-). I’m hoping to see many more cardigan vests (or as we call them in the UK ‘knitted waistcoats’), old skool vacuuming and cries of ‘oh my gawwwwwsh!’. 😀

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