One West Waikiki

I have my next cosy mystery lined up, I’m going to be reading ‘Death in Show’ by Judi McCoy. I love dogs so I’m looking forward to this one. As I haven’t started it yet I thought I might witter about a cosy TV show that hasn’t really stood the test of time and that’s ‘One West Waikiki’ with Cheryl Ladd.

One West Waikik

One West Waikiki

When I was younger I loved the show, but then I loved anything if it had one of Charlie’s Angels in it. I recently got my hands on an old and rather decrepid tape of the show and I can now see why it didn’t get past 2 seasons. IMDB tells me it aired in 94 but clothes and style look late 80s and almost distracted me completely from the glorious Hawaiian beaches. I think the biggest problem is with the character ‘Mack’, there was a proliferation of these ‘womanising joker’ types in the ’80’s such as David Addison in Moonlighting. Unfortunately 20 years down the line they are deeply irritating and it is hard to sit through an entire episode. What self-respecting woman would tolerate – let alone fancy – these men? Give me Scarecrow or Booth anyday. 🙂

They didn’t even do a good job with the theme tune:

and yes, Richard Burgi’s character in Desperate Housewives is just a variation of a theme….

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1 Response to One West Waikiki

  1. Traci says:

    I like Chery Ladd but I have never heard of that show. She was really good in the Danielle Steel movie: Changes

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