Santa Cruise

Santa Cruise

Well I’ve finished ‘Santa Cruise‘ by Mary Higgens Clark and Carol Higgens Clark and I really enjoyed it. I liked the pace and structure of the book and I found it a nice easy read. I noticed on Amazon that there were some very negative reviews which I feel were unduly harsh. Having never read any Mary Higgens Clark I just accepted the book for what it was – a nice cosy. It’s true that the narrative voice is somewhat confused in places. This is because of one thing only – the very poor attempts at free indirect discourse. Always a tricky thing to write FID can be really ugly when it’s bad and is best omitted if not perfect. As it is the convoluted thought processes and overlong intricate explanations do burst the reader bubble, which is unfortunate, because it was a fun bubble to be in. I really liked all the characters and the large cast coupled with snappy simple sentences is reminiscent of an Agatha Christie. I accept it may not be as much fun for people who are already familiar with a handful of the characters or the writer’s other works, but for a newbie like me it really is fun.

One thing does bother me – the fact that the book is classed as a ‘mystery’. personally I would label it a ‘suspense cosy’, it is only 2 thirds of the way through the book that the authors suddenly seemed to realise that they hadn’t given the reader much to work out. In fact a couple of times I found myself wondering ‘what’s the mystery?’

All in all I really did enjoy this a nice light read with Santas, puzzles and Christmas. Thank you for the present BFF! đŸ™‚

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One Response to Santa Cruise

  1. Traci says:

    Ur welcome BFF! I am so glad u liked it. I have always liked Mary Higgins Clark.

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