Scarecrow and Mrs King Part 2

Well it turns out that there is a DVD after all!

Scarecrow and Mrs King

DVD Cover

For some odd reason it is only available in NTSC format! 😦 It was only released in March of this year so maybe there will be a European version, I hope so. I hope they release all of the seasons. I’m wondering if the release has anything to do with the fact that Kate Jackson is short of money. I hope it all turns out well for her. I believe (from IMDB) that she is working on her memoir, I hope so, I’m keen to read it. There’s nothing showing up on Amazon yet but I guess there would need to be a planned release date and some cover art for it to show on there for pre-order.

All this Scarecrow and Mrs King talk is well and good but I haven’t forgotten about my cosy mysteries! I have just finished reading ‘Tressed to Kill’ by Lila Dare and I’m working on a ‘review’ of that. It was quite a substantial read and I want to do it justice.

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1 Response to Scarecrow and Mrs King Part 2

  1. Traci says:

    I really hope that they do come out with the complete series. I would love to see it.

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