Delivery Surprise.

Well there is no sign of the Leann Sweeney which was due for delivery today, but the two books that were due for delivery on the 21st have arrived! I’m happy something is here. First up is ‘Death in Show’ by Judi McCoy which is a dog walker mystery.

Book Cover

Book Cover

It’s the third in the series but I haven’t read the first two. I’m hoping it won’t matter, usually it doesn’t, I’m hoping that as it’s a couple in it might get to the mystery a little quicker than the first in series tend to. That said, my second purchase is a ‘first in a brand new series’: ‘Tressed to Kill’ by Lila Dare (which is most surely a pen name?!)

Tressed Book Cover

Book Cover

Apparently it is a ‘Southern Beauty Shop Mystery’ and contains organic skin care recipes. What ever floats your boat I say. I just love how the publishers are reaching for concepts to sell the books. Skin care recipes! It’s such fun, what can I say? I’m shallow. I’m wondering why the dog-walker books don’t have recipes for dog biscuits – an opportunity missed there! Ohhhh, I love my cosies!

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