Order Please!

Hello Hello, I have ordered myself some new cosies, they were on offer at Amazon. Usually (because I’m in the UK) I find I have to pay over the odds for cosies, it’s very annoying, I don’t know why Penguin aren’t supplying them to Waterstones or independent bookshops. When I go in and ask for an author (even Fluke for goodness sake!) I’m met with blank looks. staff then go online and inform me that as well as paying the cover price I will also be charged a ‘sourcing fee’. So I limit myself and ask for copies on Birthdays and Christmas so it was quite a treat to see them on sale.I’m awaiting the arrival of Leann Sweeney’s new book:

Book Cover from Author's site.

It’s not a yellow rose mystery but I’m looking forward to it all the same. It’s the second in the ‘Cats in Trouble’ series, I haven’t read the first one but I don’t mind. My order tracking says it is due for delivery tomorrow which is good and it only cost me £3.50. The first in the series is only discounted by 4p! I figured I’d get the second while it was cheap.

I’ve got a couple of other cosies on their way as well, I’m wondering if they are coming from the states because they aren’t due for delivery until the 21st. I’ll tell you about them in another post. If you have surfed in because of the ‘cats in trouble’ and you are a cat lover you can click to donate (for free) bowls of cat food for cats in shelters by clicking the link below.

The Animal Rescue Site

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