Deja Dead

Well I’ve finished Deja Dead. It was really good, but not cosy. scary in some places, intelligently written and a good thriller. Reich’s used a few too many similes for my liking, she came across a bit Raymond Chandler sometimes and I was a little bit irked by the sometimes stupid actions of the protagonist. Largely Temperance Brennen was very clever and very likable so her occasional acts of gross stupidity seem inexplicably out of character. That said I really did enjoy the book. I’m not going to give a full synopsis on here because as I’ve already said it’s not a cosy. In a couple of places it scared me half to death but if you are in the mood for a thriller you could give it a go.

If you are a ‘Bones’ fan, don’t expect the book to be too much like the programme, it is set in Quebec and other than Tempe all the characters are completely different (there’s no Booth!). The humour and banter are there, along with copious amounts of gore. I skim read some parts, the literary equivalent of peering at the telly from between my fingers when the autopsies are going on! There’s an interesting video on youtube about Kathy’s input on Bones:

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