Murder She Blogged

I’m watching an episode of Murder She wrote called ‘Murder by Twos’ I think half of the cast have played completely different characters in other episodes.

It’s still one of my fave shows but sometimes I wish there had been more consistency with the Cabot Cove residents, I’m still waiting for another episode with the sisters from ‘Mr Penroy’s Vacation’ and giving a dozen more actors a named character that popped up a few times as a town resident would have been such fun. My absolute favourite episode of all time is ‘The Sins of Cabot Cove’  I just love Kathryn Grayson as Ideal Malloy

Well whilst MSW is most definitely cosy, I can tell you that Kathy Reichs’s ‘Deja Dead’ certainly isn’t. I am two-thirds of the way through, it is very exciting but last night it made me very jumpy indeed, I lost a fair bit of sleep. I think I shall have to restrict myself to reading it in the daylight.

Deja Dead

Book Cover

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