Hair Today Gone Tomorrow…

Wellllll, sorry Ellen Byerrum. I got to page 62 “he looked good, too good” and gave up. Cosy romance elements are OK but when they’re hackneyed they’re unbearable. I might try going back to it in a couple of days because the mystery seemed promising, but I can’t make any promises.

In the meantime… my BFF sent me a copy of Mary Higgens Clark and Carol Higgens Clark’s ‘Santa Cruise’. I’m a few chapters in and it’s Christmassy enough to keep me happy, also the Clarks’s have a large cast of characters a la Agatha Christie, which is very promising. At the moment though there is no strong narrative voice and in places it’s been confusing as to who is actually speaking. It’s a shame and probably due to the co-authorship. I haven’t read any MHC before so it’ll be interestimg to see how strong the whodunnit element is.

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